Six Effective Ways To Look Your Best For The Summer And All Year Round
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Six Effective Ways To Look Your Best For The Summer And All Year Round

Giving a list of six very effective and simple ways to look your best by losing those unwanted pounds and getting fit for the summer ahead as well as all year round. No dieting necessary!

With the summer fast approaching most of us begin to stare blankly into the mirror at the pale shadow of our former selves from the previous summer and think, “I really have to do something about the way I look, but how?”

An easy way to do this is just by thinking about the long term effects that a fitter you would enjoy such as improving the quality of your life, loss of weight, reduction of stress, boosting your mood, sleeping better, reducing the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer, relieving the symptoms of depression and anxiety, strengthening your heart and lungs and increasing bone density. This list is just but a few things but should be enough to give you some motivation to take control of your life because chances are you don't even know it is out of control. Its all too easy these days to find yourself in a trap of a daily routine where is does not involve any activity including moving around a whole lot.

If you looked at this like a job interview or a competition you would make some goals and focus on them, figuring out what you want to achieve and then step up to the plate. So why not do it, not only will you be looking your best but it will give you a better life all around and increase its longevity.

Six Ways To Get You Back On The Road To A Healthier And Fitter You

Drink More Water

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You body uses up unbelievable amounts of water in its every day processes. Your body really does need that 7-8 glasses of water per day just to function properly and run smoothly. If you take the initiative to drink the proper amount of water you will also find that it helps with digestion, helps your kidneys eject toxins and helps with vitamin absorption. It also improves concentration,skin and hair as well as increase your energy supplies. If you drink a glass of water before each meal it will cause you to eat less, therefore; help you to lose weight and digest your food better.

Portion Control

Image by Wikapedia

When we age somehow the amount we have on our plates seems to increase more and more and eventually we become intent on filling our plates so we won't miss out, although, to be realistic this is truly greedy as we should eat to live not live to eat. The first thing to do here is try to stop stuffing yourself until you feel like you want to burst, eat slowly until your are satisfied that your stomach is full and leave any remaining food. Eventually you will find yourself putting less on your plate because you are then eating to fuel your body not eating for the sake of it.


Image by Wikapedia

Instead of going on some diet where you cut out everything and the thought is all good things must come to an end, try having things such as fatty foods, chocolate, alcohol, tea and coffee in moderation. These things don't have to be cut from you diet but taken in moderation.

Get Enough Sleep

Image by Wikapedia

Sleep averages have dramatically dropped from 8 hours to six hours per night and though you may think that is enough, it is not. You body needs sleep to recover and it is vital for repairing you body's systems and muscles. If you have enough sleep you will wake up completely refreshed and have more energy which in turn cause your to be more active.

Exercise A Little But Often

Image By Wikapedia

There are plenty of reasons you could make why you shouldn't exercise but try making some why you should such as health, fitness and weight loss. To make exercise less like a burden try to do a little when you get an extra half hour like cardiovascular, strength training or yoga. This will mean you would not have to do hours of mind grueling exercise at one time and it will be giving you a more active lifestyle.

Find An Activity That Suits You

Image By Wikapedia

Everyone is different, while some like to go swimming and being on their own and others like to play in a team such as rugby or baseball it is important that you find an activity that suits you, one that you will find enjoyable. Even making the decision to go for a daily walk and increasing the length you go each time will lead you to a more active lifestyle and a slimmer you.

If you try to make some time for yourself and see this through, you will not only benefit from all of the things mentioned above but you will be a more confident person within yourself!

About Author

Tanya Kime-Wallace is a writer and freelance writer as well as the owner of a small gardening business. She developed a love for writing at a very young age and is extremely passionate about the written word. She is capable of writing virtually anything she sets her mind to and is an upcoming horror novelist. She has extensive knowledge about horticulture and gardening teaching workshops relating to this subject and enjoys being able to share it with others. She has many interests and when she feels something is interesting or important enough to share, she will write about it. She is also a mother of two beautiful children and cherishes every second of it.


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Comments (8)

Great tips! My friend used to work for a bottled water delivery company and she said that every year people order tons more water in the Spring because they think it helps them lose weight for Summer.

very good article, very inspirational

Excellent tips, Tanya.

Useful tips. One will look better by following your practical advice.

Excellent advice. The images are well-chosen and really help to support your arguments.

Thanks for all of your comments, I really appreciate them!

great advice Tanya, I never knew that lack of sleep caused all those problems! I am sorry out of votes but buzzed and tweeted xx

Thanks Lisa!